Apple announces September 13th release date for iOS 10

Earlier today Apple announced it will be releasing iOS 10 on September 13th.  Here's what you need to do to ensure that you and your end users are ready:

1.  Ask your end users to update all AirWatch apps to ensure they are on iOS 10 compatible versions.  If they do not update their applications, their devices will be flagged as compromised and may be wiped or unenrolled.  

  • Sample message to send to end users
  • Matrix of iOS 10 compatible AirWatch apps

2. Update any applications utilizing AirWatch SDK to utilize the version of the AirWatch SDK.

3. Re-wrap any wrapped apps using the new App Wrapping Engine 5.1.  

If you are worried that end users will not be able to update their apps in time, or your developers don't have time to update or re-wrap internal apps prior to September 13th, we recommend that you temporarily disable Compromised Protection or any compliance policies related to Compromised Detection.  To learn more about disabling Compromise Protection click here.     

For more information please refer to Getting Ready for iOS 10.

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