My Company Tool in myAirWatch

Customers can use the My Company portal to self-manage contact information for their team, including designating their approved Support contacts (known as AirWatch Technical Administrators in our system) and authorizing team members for access to the AirWatch Knowledge Base. This solution will detail your available customer roles, levels of access at each role, and how to modify or add any team members to your account.  The My Company page is located on the left-hand sidebar when on the myAirWatch home page.

The My Company page will also contain licensing and environment information, including outage notifications and available RCAs for hosted environments, as well as the ability to schedule upgrades for Dedicated SaaS environments.

The My Company functionality is not yet available for AirWatch Partners.

Customer Roles

Customers leveraging AirWatch’s support offerings are agreeing to specific roles and responsibilities as well. It is important to understand the different contacts in your company, such as technical contacts and contract administration personnel.

Note: All contacts must have a personal email address in your corporate domain(s). We are unable to accept tickets or provide access to shared or generic email addresses.

AirWatch Technical Administrators have the ability to open Support requests and work with AirWatch Support on support requests. They are also given access to the myAirWatch resource portal in order to view documentation and access the AirWatch Academy. AW Technical Admins with dedicated deployment models can request upgrades in their hosted environments and are provided access to installation files and guides for on-premise console upgrades. The maximum number of AW Technical Admins your organization is entitled to is based on the support offering you select.

All other added contacts are given access to the myAirWatch resource portal in order to view documentation and access the AirWatch Academy. They are restricted from opening support requests and are unable to access upgrade or installation files. Your organization can have unlimited additional contacts.

More information on these roles and our Support processes can be found in our Global Support Offering Guide here.

Managing Team Members

Additional information on managing team members can be found in our knowledge base article on How to Manage Team Members in myAirWatch.

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