Getting ready for iOS 10 - Action required for customers using AirWatch SDK

Application updates required for iOS 10 support

Customers that currently leverage the AirWatch iOS SDK must take the following steps to ensure that iOS 10 is fully supported in your environment.

Any devices leveraging an earlier version of the AirWatch SDK will not be fully supported on iOS 10.  This can result in the issues outlined in the Getting Ready for iOS 10 article, including devices being incorrectly flagged as compromised.

Please subscribe to Product Announcements in myAirWatch to stay up-to-date on the latest AirWatch releases.  An announcement will be made when an updated version of the AirWatch SDK is released.

AirWatch SDK

If you are currently leveraging an application that was developed utilizing the AirWatch SDK, you must update this application to utilize the version of the AirWatch SDK.  AirWatch SDK for iOS is now available. 

Any iOS applications that leverage the AirWatch SDK must be rebuilt using AirWatch SDK  Once these applications have been updated, the updated versions should be deployed to devices to ensure that they are fully supported as devices upgrade to iOS 10.



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