Release Announcement for AirWatch 8.3.6

Release Announcement for AirWatch 8.3.6

The AirWatch® team is excited to announce that AirWatch 8.3.6 is now publicly available.  

This release is now available for download on myAirWatch.

Software Delivery Notification

SDN # - AW_8.3.6

Release - 8.3

Work Items Addressed

  • CMAM-173065 — Updated the versioning of Windows universal applications in AirWatch so that the system saves and applies edited dependencies for app versions and the updated versions install on devices.
  • CMAM-173251 — Addressed saving application samples in AirWatch so that an application list table updates in the AirWatch database and the user interface reflects the correct installation statuses.
  • CMAM-173275 — Addressed the AirWatch MAM system sending the replace command instead of the add command during an app-list-query in an install command process so that app installations succeed on Windows Phone 8.1 devices for .xap and apps applications.
  • CMDM-195307 — Addressed the directory-based user enrollment, non-staging, for Mac OS X devices in AirWatch so that the system queues and installs user profiles during enrollment without the need to manually push user profiles from the AirWatch Admin Console.
  • CMDM-196271 — Addressed a redirection to the AirWatch Admin Console Dashboard that occurs when you apply a filter to the Devices > List View page and then save the page with an update to the core-user-navigation-favorite stored procedure.
  • CMDM-197684 — Updated the friendly name field on the Edit Device page in Device Details so that you can enter more than 33 characters.
  • CMDM-198113 — Updated the way AirWatch APIs handle applicability rules so that APIs accept complex rule statements.
  • CMDM-199114 — Updated the friendly name behavior in the grouping functionality in AirWatch so that the friendly name field displays the configured organization group during enrollment instead of the default enrollment organization group.
  • CMDM-199136 — Updated the offline provisioning feature in AirWatch to address the display of an error page for view device assignments, so that you can add or edit products to a device that is part of  offline enrollment and so that you can view device assignments.
  • CMDM-199246 — Addressed the way the system validates offline and online provisioning so that you can switch devices between the two methods and the regular record remains valid when a device moves from offline to online enrollment.
  • CMDM-199564 — Addressed the performance of loading profiles in AirWatch so that if you have 50+ certificate authorities, profiles still load in less than a minute.
  • CMDM-200008 — Addressed the export function on the Users > List View page in AirWatch so that it exports all applicable users and not just the first page of users.
  • CMDM-200133 — Updated Admin Accounts in the AirWatch Admin Console and in AirWatch APIs so that the two behave identically when you edit an admin user, and so that an active role persists and that active role has access to UI landing pages.
  • CMDM-200613 — Addressed the pagination function on the Remote File List page for any relay server in AirWatch so that you can navigate pages of relay servers.
  • CMDM-200802 — Updated the AirWatch Launcher so that the system does not remove configured applications, unless you configure it to do so when you edit a launcher profile for Windows Mobile.
  • CMDM-200805 — Updated the smart group functionality in AirWatch so that the system maps all QNX devices, whether offline or not, to their assigned smart groups and in turn devices receive assigned products.
  • CMDM-200818 — Updated the support for Windows Phone in AirWatch so that when devices upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, the system receives and processes health attestation samples for these upgraded devices.
  • CMDM-200869 — Added initial data to the AirWatch database for the latest version of the AirWatch Unified Agent for Windows 32 to prepare for updates.
  • CMDM-201043 — Addressed the FA API in AirWatch so that it can process commands when its name is longer than 50 characters and so that it does not create duplicates.
  • CMDM-201639 — Updated the offline provisioning APIs in AirWatch so that you can create an FA with APIs along with a product and the system adds manifest steps along with the provisioned files to the jobs.bin file.
  • CMDM-201911 — Updated the device-lite-search API so that you can set custom attributes for the search and the system returns results applicable to the attributes and not a full list of devices.
  • CMDM-202048 — Addressed the application of asset numbers to devices upon registration with AirWatch so that the system applies the configured asset number and not the device's UDID as the asset number.
  • CMDM-202169 — Updated the tagging functionality in AirWatch so that you can add custom attributes and tags to Windows 8+ and Windows 10 devices entered into the system using the serial number/IMEI before enrollment, and the system adds the tagged device to a smart group configured with the set tags.
  • CMEM-181374 — Addressed how the system evaluates the require EAS profile value in an email compliance general access policy during migration so that the AirWatch database reports the correct value for the EAS profile after device migrations.
  • CMEM-181523 — Updated compliance functionality for email in AirWatch to remove the edit option because of redundancy on the following policies; managed device general email policy, require ActiveSync profile policy, inactivity policy, and the encryption policy.
  • CMEM-181838—Prepared the system for certificate authentication for Boxer v3.1 in the AirWatch system.
  • CMEM-181839—Added support for Container enrollment with Boxer v3.1 in the AirWatch system. 
  • CMEM-181915 — Addressed the use of one-time tokens for authentication for Boxer in the AirWatch system.
  • FCA-178379 — Updated system settings pages in Devices & Users and Apps in the AirWatch Admin Console to address pages that default to override instead of inherit.
  • FDB-474 — Addressed a conflict with a reference constraint and a delete statement that occurred in a certificate-template-certificate-authority table in the AirWatch database so that you can remove organization groups with applied certificate authorities without error.
  • FDB-482 — Addressed a deadlock situation occurring on servers due to several database tables including an application-list-save table by updating sample processes to reduce Directory Services excess connections.
  • FDB-483 — Addressed a deadlock situation occurring on servers due to several database tables including a scheduler table by updating sample processes to reduce Directory Services excess connections.
  • FDB-486 — Addressed a deadlock situation occurring on servers due to several database tables including a scheduler-search-selective-app-list-commands-by-date table by updating sample processes to reduce Directory Services excess connections.
  • PPAT-477 — Updated the App Tunnel functionality in AirWatch on premise environments to address tunneling for Linux.
  • SEIS-19 — Addressed saving the EIS page in AirWatch when the AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) and Tunnel are disabled and set to override.

Installation Procedure

Use the following step-by-step instructions to apply a feature pack or other patch to your version of AirWatch.

Important: Contact AirWatch if your SEG is on the same server as your AirWatch Admin Console or Device Services servers for instructions on how to proceed.

Consider retaining *.exe installation files in case there are issues.

  1. Stop all the AirWatch services and websites on AirWatch Admin Console and Device Services servers.
  2. Back up your AirWatch Application Servers and AirWatch Database.
  3. Obtain the AirWatch_Application_8.3._FPXX_Install.exe and AirWatch_Database_8.3_FPXX_Setup.exe files from AirWatch Resources ( These are the full installer files, which you run on your servers to apply the upgrade.
  4. Execute the AirWatch_Application_8.3_FPXX_Install.exe by right-clicking and running as administrator on each Console and Device Services server up until the point where all application servers state "IIS and all services are now stopped. Please upgrade your AirWatch database using the provided script", then immediately proceed to the next step.
  5. Run the AirWatch_Database_8.3_FPXX_Setup.exe executable on the AirWatch database server.
  6. Finish running the installers on each Console and Device Services server.  
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