Release Announcement for AirWatch 8.3.4

Release Announcement for AirWatch 8.3.4

The AirWatch® team is excited to announce that AirWatch 8.3.4 is now publicly available.  

This release is now available for download on myAirWatch.

Software Delivery Notification

SDN # - AW_8.3.4

Release - 8.3

Work Items Addressed

  • CMAM-172844 – Improved installation of internal and public apps with EULAs from Workspace 1 for iOS and Adroid devices.
  • CMAM-172816 – Improved installation  of Universal apps to Windows Phone 10 devices.
  • CMAM-172281 – Improved installation of Business Store Portal apps to Windows Desktop devices.
  • CMAM-172871 – Enhanced app publish procedure to queue provisioning profile install commands.
  • CMAM-170986 – Improved AirWatch App Catalog screenshot settings for internal apps on Android, iOS, and Mac Os devices.
  • CMCM-185319 – Enhanced access to settings options from AirWatch Content Locker plugin for Microsoft Outlook.
  • CMDM-199255 – Allowed CDN integration for Internal app management.
  • CMDM-199784 – Improved integration of Smart Groups for product provisioning  with the Policy Engine when tags are added or removed.
  • CMDM-197611 – Enhanced View Device Assignment page to process applied product assignments.
  • CMDM-199048 – Ensured that administrators can view the Device Details Product tab with the proper resources enabled.
  • CMDM-199356 – Managed Profile publishing permissions from Global level in the AirWatch Admin Portal.
  • CMDM-188603 – Improved Custom batch Attributes import coordination with AirWatch batch processing service on the RDP Server.
  • CMDM-200166 – Configured Windows Mobile VPN Profiles to retain routing addresses in profile UI.
  • CMDM-199163 – Updated ProductSet rules to restrict use of products with the same name in a ProductSet.
  • CMDM-199213 – Revised Windows Mobile platform label to Windows Rugged in the product set.
  • CMDM-200644 – Revised Primary Key constraint on Content Application Usage list blob.
  • CMDM-200971 – Seeded upcoming iOS version to AirWatch Admin Console for beta testing.
  • CMDM-194746 – Improved device count logic in child OGs after assignment rules are added.
  • CMDM-200324 – Updated CA Change Report parameters for upcoming AirWatch Console release.
  • CMDM-200229 – Improved Assignment Rule preservation for Custom Attribute Value "IN."
  • CMDM-200759 – Implemented APIs for iOS 9+ bulk updates from AirWatch Admin Console.
  • CMDM-200228 – Blocked ability to delete an Admin Repository if the repository is in use in the File/Actions.
  • CMDM-199545 – Improved Exception handling for Integration Service.
  • CMEM-181721 – Implemented pagination support for Custom Attribute Search and Custom Attriubte Change Report results in the AirWatch Admin Console.
  • FDB-472 – Enhanced performance of Device Details Profile tab in AirWatch Admin Console.
  • FDB-470 – Enhanced procedure timeout handling. [Internal?]
  • GEM-51 – Updated master app list in Application Inventory to improve application inventory sproc performance.

Installation Procedure

Use the following step-by-step instructions to apply a feature pack or other patch to your version of AirWatch.

Important: Contact AirWatch if your SEG is on the same server as your AirWatch Admin Console or Device Services servers for instructions on how to proceed.

Consider retaining *.exe installation files in case there are issues.

  1. Stop all the AirWatch services and websites on AirWatch Admin Console and Device Services servers.
  2. Back up your AirWatch Application Servers and AirWatch Database.
  3. Obtain the AirWatch_Application_8.3._FPXX_Install.exe and AirWatch_Database_8.3_FPXX_Setup.exe files from AirWatch Resources ( These are the full installer files, which you run on your servers to apply the upgrade.
  4. Execute the AirWatch_Application_8.3_FPXX_Install.exe by right-clicking and running as administrator on each Console and Device Services server up until the point where all application servers state "IIS and all services are now stopped. Please upgrade your AirWatch database using the provided script", then immediately proceed to the next step.
  5. Run the AirWatch_Database_8.3_FPXX_Setup.exe executable on the AirWatch database server.
  6. Finish running the installers on each Console and Device Services server.
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