Future versions of AirWatch Browser dropping iOS 7 support

Future versions of AirWatch Browser dropping iOS 7 support

The upcoming version of iOS Browser will not support iOS 7.

Apple has released new features and an upgraded web view that functions best with iOS 8 and above.  For the iOS Browser to take advantage of these features, it will no longer support iOS 7 with the next release.

Implications for Customers

  • Devices running iOS 7 or below will not be able to upgrade to future Browser releases. This includes the next iOS Browser release.
  • Devices running iOS 7 will still be able to download iOS Browser 4.5 from the App Store if they have previously downloaded iOS Browser with their Apple ID.
  • These devices will continue to function with the Browser but will not have access to new Browser features or bug fixes

Recommendation to Customers

  • Customers should update their device fleet to iOS 8 or greater as soon as possible to take advantage of the new Browser features. 

Support Contact Information

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Account Services & Support or submit a support ticket through myAirWatch. 


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