Deprecation of Samsung and Panasonic Remote Control applications from the Google Play Store

Deprecation of Samsung and Panasonic Remote Control applications from the Google Play Store

Due to improvements in Remote Management technology, AirWatch will be deprecating the Samsung Remote Control v2.0 and Panasonic Remote Control v2.0.1 applications from the Google Play Store on December 31st, 2016.  To benefit from many of the new advanced features, we ask customers currently using the Remote Control applications to migrate their deployments to Remote Management v2.1.  

Remote Management v2.1 Features

  • Remote Management v2.1 uses Websockets, which support full duplex relay for frame transfer over HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Works over standard ports for HTTP/HTTPS. 
  • Device Info – Displays the information about the device from the remote management applet instead of returning to the Dashboard.
  • Connection – Shows the connection settings used to communicate with the device.
  • Screen Share – Displays the device’s screen so you can remotely view and control the device screen as well as receive any actions performed by the device user.
  • Configuration (Applet Display and Log Settings) – Allows you to configure and save the settings for the remote management applet as well as the log.

How to upgrade to Remote Management v2.1

  • For current users running v2.0 for Samsung Remote Control and/or v2.0.1 for Panasonic Remote Control:
    • We encourage administrators to migrate their deployments to Remote Management v2.1.
    • Ensure the Remote Management Services (RMS) server is configured and installed in the appropriate environment
      • For Saas customers, this will be managed by the AirWatch SaaS Ops team (requires AirWatch Console v8.2)
      • For On Premise customers, the AirWatch Deployments team can assist with the setup of RMS Server (requires AirWatch v8.1FP04 and above).  If you require assistance with the setup of the product, please submit a ticket through the myAirWatch portal, or contact the AirWatch Account Services team.
  • For new users:
    • Administrators can receive the newly released Remote Management v2.1 app files via the Resource Portal in myAirWatch.  They can be deployed as internal applications to devices through AirWatch
  • For more information, view the Remote Management v2.1 product announcement.

Support Contact Information

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Account Services & Support or submit a support ticket through myAirWatch.  

Best Regards,

The AirWatch Team

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