Release Announcement for AirWatch v8.1 Feature Pack 08

Release Announcement for AirWatch v8.1 Feature Pack 08

The AirWatch® team is excited to announce that AirWatch v8.1 FP08 is now publicly available.

Software Delivery Notes

SDN # - AW_8.1.08.0

Release - 8.1


AirWatch 8.1.x – The patcher cumulatively patches to 8.1 FP08.

Work Items Addressed

  • CMAM-172479-Updated the batch size value (100 commands) and releasing interval (two minutes) for the flexible deployment feature in the internal apps section of AirWatch to address throughput issues occurring for deployments with large numbers of devices.
  • CMDM-194973-Updated support for Windows 10 in AirWatch to address Windows Pro devices that were unable to access the AirWatch database and were reporting null HMAC values so that these devices moved beyond the pending-agent-status and could complete enrollment.
  • CMDM-196405-Updated support for multi-domain setups in AirWatch so that the system does not authenticate directory users against the domain with the largest domain name but authenticates users with the domain in which their devices are enrolled.
  • CMDM-195929-Verified that AirWatch passed SOCKS proxy authentication methods to the proxy server when configured to in AirWatch on the Installation Proxy page.
  • CMDM-194112-Updated the enrollment functionality in AirWatch so that you can unenroll a device and re-enroll it, and the re-enrolled device takes the ownership from the previous registration record and does not enroll as corporate dedicated by default.
  • CMDM-197645-Added a general release script to AirWatch for the latest Apple iOS version.
  • CMDM-193698-Added support to offload key pair generations and signing to AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) for REA implementation so SaaS environments can maintain certificates independently rather than asking operations to install enrollment agent certificates on all directory services servers for every certificate signing at the time of key pair generation.
  • CMDM-197539-Added an iPad Pro model to the AirWatch system in support of the latest iPad Pro release so an iPad Pro release displays correctly in the Console.
  • CMDM-196031-Added an API to show when you create jobs that add or remove products in the products section of AirWatch.
  • CMDM-191239-Updated the product sets functionality in AirWatch so that when you edit a product in a product set, the policy engine creates the edited product and pushes the edited file actions to devices.
  • CMDM-196192-Updated the telecom functionality in AirWatch so that the data populated in the interrogator table translates correctly into the telecom details in the Console and so that the system displays the same telecom data in different views in the Console.
  • CMDM-197595-Updated support for the latest Apple iOS version in AirWatch so that you can set the "Require Agent Enrollment for iOS" option and iOS devices can enroll with the system and access the AirWatch Agent.
  • CMDM-197652-Added database IDs to the AirWatch database in support of the Mac OS X version.
  • CMDM-197749-Updated integration with directory services in AirWatch so that the system provides the expected HTTP request to the one time password (OTP) server, which enables you to authenticate to the AirWatch Admin Console.
  • CMDM-197731-Added the latest AirWatch Agent for Windows to the AirWatch system.
  • CMEM-180704-Updated the Secure Email Gateway so that after upgrading the version, you can successfully test the connection by addressing a host-name-not-found error.
  • CMEM-181375-Updated the sync functionality for email in AirWatch so that multiple devices can sync simultaneously and the system handles multiple regular expression parsing for MIME.
  • CONSVR-113-Reordered encoders to bring SHIFT JIS and GBK higher than EUC encoders to address rendering issues of files in AirWatch content rendering engine (CRE).
  • FCA-178699-Updated the AirWatch Admin Console navigation when viewed in Internet Explorer (IE) 11 to address the Console defaulting to the IE 7 when opened in IE 11.
  • SACC-91-Updated the AirWatch Cloud Connector client to include in an idle message that follows a long-query in the AirWatch Cloud Messenger, the origin application ID and destination authentication details.
  • SYSAR-488-Updated the diagnostics functionality in AirWatch so that the AirWatch Cloud Messenger diagnostic service runs on interface servers that are set to the Japanese language.


Installation Procedure

Use the following step-by-step instructions to apply a feature pack or other patch to your version of AirWatch.

Important: Contact AirWatch if your SEG is on the same server as your AirWatch Admin Console or Device Services servers for instructions on how to proceed.

Consider retaining *.exe installation files in case there are issues.

  1. Stop all the AirWatch services and websites on AirWatch Admin Console and Device Services servers.
  2. Back up your AirWatch Application Servers and AirWatch Database.
  3. Obtain the AirWatch_Application_8.1._FPXX_Install.exe. and AirWatch_Database_8.1_FPXX_Setup.exe files from AirWatch Resources ( These are the full installer files, which you run on your servers to apply the upgrade.
  4. Execute the AirWatch_Application_8.1_FPXX_Install.exe. by right-clicking and running as administrator on each Console and Device Services server up until the point where all application servers state "IIS and all services are now stopped. Please upgrade your AirWatch database using the provided script", then immediately proceed to the next step.
  5. Run the AirWatch_Database_8.1_FPXX_Setup.exe executable on the AirWatch database server.
  6. Finish running the installers on each Console and Device Services server.
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