Android Marshmallow and Nexus 9 Impact

Android Marshmallow and Nexus 9 Impact

Google made a major announcement on September 29th about their Android Marshmallow release being available next week.  In anticipation for this, AirWatch discovered an interoperability issue with the Nexus 9 and the AirWatch Agent, which causes the AirWatch Agent v5.2.4 to crash. AirWatch is rolling out a new AirWatch Agent v5.3 in the Play Store that functions on a Nexus 9 device running Marshmallow. 

Customer Advisory:

  • If you have a Nexus 9 device that is running Android Agent v5.2.4, do not update to Marshmallow.  AirWatch is in the process of releasing Agent v5.3 that will function properly with Marshmallow.
  • If the device is not a Nexus 9 and is running Agent v5.2.4, then the device should function on Marshmallow with the AirWatch applications as expected.
  • If you have upgraded your Nexus 9 device to Marshmallow, install AirWatch Agent v5.3 to ensure that your device continues to function smoothly.
  • It is recommended to upgrade only after all AirWatch applications are supported. For further information, please refer to 

Support Contact Information:

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Account Services & Support or submit a support ticket through myAirWatch. 

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