AirWatch App Wrapping Engine v4.0.1 for iOS - required for iOS 9 support

AirWatch App Wrapping Engine v4.0.1 for iOS

Support for AirWatch App Wrapping on iOS 9 devices requires apps to be re-wrapped with v4.0.1

The AirWatch team is excited to announce the release of version 4.0.1 of the AirWatch App Wrapping Engine to support wrapped apps for iOS 9. This updated engine will support all current functionality of wrapped apps. Please refer to the App Wrapping Guide for version 4.0.1 on the myAirWatch Resource Portal for more information.

All existing wrapped applications must be re-wrapped and re-deployed in order to support iOS 9.

Deployment recommendations:

  1. If using app tunneling, the best practice is to use the AirWatch App Tunnel solution (built on top of the iOS built­‐in per-­app tunnel protocol) as opposed to app wrapping to accomplish the same functionality. The AirWatch App Tunnel solution has compatibility for more network functions on iOS devices than wrapping does (for more information, see the App Wrapping Guide on myAirWatch). Additionally, by leveraging the AirWatch App Tunnel solution, you will not need to undergo the maintenance overhead of re-­wrapping apps with each future iOS update.
  2. If you have not migrated to the AirWatch App Tunnel, or have other use cases that require wrapping, you must re­‐wrap all previously wrapped iOS apps using App Wrapping Engine v4.0.1 to be compatible on iOS 9 devices. These updates are required for both existing devices upgrading to iOS 9, as well as any new iOS 9 enrollments for full compatibility. Note: AirWatch App Wrapping is available in the cloud only as of AirWatch 7.0 and higher.

How to re-­wrap applications:

In order to complete the re-­wrapping process properly the following steps are required:

  1. The app developer must provide a new app build (IPA file) with an incremented version of the app greater than the currently deployed version.
  2. Add a new version of the application in the AirWatch Admin Console.
  3. Wrap the application and deploy to end users.

Support Contact Information:

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