Getting Ready for AirWatch 8.1

Getting Ready for AirWatch 8.1

Use the resources below to ensure you are prepared for the AirWatch 8.1 release.  Read through the Release Notes to learn about the updated functionality, as well as the Technical Bulletins to become better aware of specific changes that might impact your current deployment.  Additionally, stay up-to-date on the latest identified known issues that may affect your users after an update.

Release Notes

The 8.1 Release Notes go over the new and updated features available in the latest AirWatch version.

Technical Bulletins

These Technical Bulletins discuss important functionality changes in AirWatch 8.1.  These changes may affect your deployment, so make sure the read through and contact AirWatch Support if you have any questions.

Known Issues 

Note: To stay up-to-date as issues are identified and posted, subscribe to the Known Issues forum on myAirWatch.


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