Preparing for Windows 10

The upcoming release of Windows 10 Desktop from Microsoft on July 29, 2015 introduces new features and management capabilities for the enterprise. AirWatch offers same-day support for Windows 10 devices to enable you to secure and fully manage Windows 10 Desktop devices.

AirWatch will roll out new feature functionality with upcoming updates to the AirWatch Admin Console. To ensure support for management of Windows 10 devices, you must upgrade your console version to the appropriate feature pack. All Feature Packs are available in MyAirWatch.

The following feature packs support management of Windows 10 devices:

For 7.3 FP17, 8.0 FP08, and 8.1 FP02

                *SEG does not need to be updated

Note: Windows 10 devices enrolled in these versions of AirWatch will function like Windows 8/RT devices. AirWatch recommends upgrading to AirWatch v8.1 upon release for full featured support of Windows 10 Desktop.

Should you choose not to upgrade the AirWatch Admin Console to the latest feature packs (7.3FP17 or 8.0FP08), you will be unable to manage Windows 10 devices.

In addition to the AirWatch Admin Console, it is also recommended that you upgrade all AirWatch applications to the latest version available.

AirWatch Applications

Backwards Compatibility

If AirWatch Applications are used, the following versions will remain compatible:

Windows Agent v1.1

Windows Browser v1.1

Windows Content Locker v1.5

Windows Inbox v1.5.1


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AirWatch Support and Account Services. 


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