On-Premise Application APNs Certificate Renewal for AirWatch Learn


Note: No action is required for AirWatch SaaS customers.

AirWatch uses Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) certificates to communicate with each MDM application on managed devices. These APNs certificates are what provide AirWatch with the ability to provision down new content to AirWatch Learn.

The APNs certificates that AirWatch uses to communicate with the AirWatch Learn are set to expire on July 08th, 2015. On this date, this application will no longer be able to receive on-demand commands or updates from the AirWatch Admin Console. 



In order to prevent downtime associated with the AirWatch Learn, all On-Premise customers who are utilizing these applications must execute a script on their AirWatch database.


The following procedures can be performed on your production environment without any downtime.

1. Download the associated database script for your version:

  • AirWatch 7.2-8.0

2. Place this file on the same server used to manage the AirWatch database.

3. Double click the .sql file to open SQL Server Management Studio

4. Verify that the active database is set to your AirWatch instance. Click Execute.



5.  Wait a few moments until you see the "Query executed successfully" message. 




6. AirWatch has now been updated with the latest certificates. For AirWatch v7.2+, navigate to Devices / Settings Devices & Users / Apple / Apple iOS / APNs for Applications.


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